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#PracDis is a special edition of #MockPit - the popular event where writers can practice and get feedback on their Twitter pitches. #MockPit host, Kyra Nelson, created #PracDis for those interested in pitching during #PitchDis. The event will take place on June 10, 8am-8pm EDT.

Authors will tweet a pitch about their project and include the #PracDis hashtag. They are then encouraged to provide constructive feedback and/or encouragement on other pitches in the feed. You may make revisions on your pitch and post the revised pitch up to three times, for up to three projects. Please only use the #PracDis hashtag in your pitch and not when leaving feedback to others as to not clog up the feed.

Of note: Your project does NOT have to be complete to get feedback during #PracDis; however, projects must be complete to pitch during #PitchDis. If your project won't be ready in time for #PitchDis, you can still participate in #PracDis.


This is a wonderful opportunity for potential #PitchDis participants, whether they are seasoned pitch contest participants or brand new to pitching!

To find out more about #MockPit, click here

*Please read the following expectations for all #MockPit events, including #PracDis:

"In the past we’ve been fortunate that engagement on the hashtag has been kind and constructive. We ask authors to continue to create a civil, constructive environment. Please give honest feedback, but avoid being overly harsh.

Racist, ableist, anti-LGBTQ+, sexist, body shaming, and other hateful rhetoric is unwelcome and has no place in this event. Identifying problematic content is not unkind (in other words, when we ask you to be kind in your responses, we are not suggesting that you should not tell an author if they are working with a problematic premise or using problematic language)."

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