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About #Pitchdis...

#PitchDis was created to showcase pitches from the disabled community, which has been historically underrepresented in the publishing industry. The event is inspired by the Twitter pitch events #DVpit and #PitMad.

In order to participate in #PitchDis, writers must self-identify as disabled, neurodivergent, and/or chronically ill. They must also have a complete, polished manuscript. #OwnVoices stories are welcome, but the characters do not have to be disabled, neurodivergent, or chronically ill in order for writers to participate in the event.

The next #PitchDis event will take place in 2024. During this time, unagented disabled authors may pitch their complete, polished fiction or nonfiction projects. Agents and editors who are interested in seeing more will "like" the pitch. The author can then send the requested materials to the agent or editor.

The event is moderated by Despina Karras. Find out more about Despina on her official site or follow her on Twitter @DespinaKarras

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