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Rules & Resources
  • In order to participate in #PitchDis, you must self-identify as disabled (this includes neurodivergent and chronically ill).

  • Participants must be unagented.

  • You can participate if you have been previously published, as long as you are not pitching the published work.

  • While we want to see more disabled characters in books and expect (and would love!) to see many #OwnVoices pitches, #OwnVoices is not a requirement. 

  • Authors who write disabled characters but are not disabled themselves may not participate.

  • Projects must be complete, edited, and polished. 

How to Participate 
  • Post your pitches on Twitter between 8am and 8pm ET on the specified day.

  • You may post up to four times per project, and up to three projects.

  • Do not pitch more than once an hour, even if it's for different projects.

  • You may use the same pitch for the same project, or four different ones for the same project.

             *If you use the same pitch, make sure to change it slightly otherwise Twitter may not post it. Changing the order of    

               your hashtags is the easiest way to do that.

             *Although you can pitch four times per project, you don't have to. If you just want to pitch once that's perfectly fine.

  • Your pitch and the hashtag #PitchDis must fit into Twitter's 280 character limit. You may not thread tweets. Also, please do not add images unless they are illustrations for your picture book or graphic novel. Important note - please use alt-text if you post illustrations.

  • Try to include category and genre hashtags in your pitch to help the right agents and editors find you. You can find a list of hashtags by going to our dedicated Common Hashtags page. 

  • If an agent or editor wants to see more of your project, they will "like" your tweet. Most agents and editors will provide their own submission instructions on their Twitter account. If they don't, please @ them to clarify.

  • #PitchDis cannot vet all of the agents and editors participating. Please research anyone you submit your work to. Please remember - legitimate agents and publishers will NOT charge you to review or edit your work.

  • You're not obligated to send requested materials to anyone you don't feel comfortable sending them to.

Important Notes
  • Retweets and quote retweets are not allowed this year. Please show your support by commenting on the pitch instead. Conversations with fellow authors during the event is encouraged!

  • Remember - likes are only for agents and editors.

  • During the event, please use the #PitchDis hashtag only to pitch. Do not use the hashtag when commenting on a pitch.

  • Please never, ever, pitch agents or editors directly.

  • If you come across any issues or see misuse of the hashtag (like spamming, harassment, etc.) please report it to Twitter and contact @PitchDis.

  • Please be respectful of others.

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