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Rules & Resources
  • In order to participate in #PitchDis, you must self-identify as disabled (this includes neurodivergent and chronically ill).

  • Participants must be unagented.

  • You can participate if you have been previously published, as long as you are not pitching the published work.

  • While we want to see more disabled characters in books and expect (and would love!) to see many #OwnVoices pitches, #OwnVoices is not a requirement. 

  • Authors who write disabled characters but are not disabled themselves may not participate.

  • Projects must be complete, edited, and polished. 

How to Participate 

When the event opens, a link to a Google form will be posted under “Enter #PitchDis” on the site. The form will ask you for the following information:

  • Your email address.

  • Your pitch (limited to 280 characters. Please do not include any hashtags here—only the pitch itself).

  • Age Group/Category of your book.

  • Genre (up to two).

  • Optional hashtags relevant to other marginalized groups you self-identify with.

  • Title of your book.

  • Your name or Pen Name.

  • Best email to contact you with agent and editor requests (can be the same or different from the first email entered.

With the exception of the hashtag section, all sections must be filled out in order to display your pitch to agents and editors. Please make sure you enter everything on the form correctly before you hit submit as changes cannot be made after.


You may only submit one pitch per project, but you can submit up to two projects. No graphics/photos will be allowed in pitches, except for graphic novel and picture book entries.

The form will be available for 5 days.

Approximately one week after the event closes, registered agents and editors will be given password-protected access to the pitches on this site and will reply to any they want to request. The requests, and instructions on how to submit to each agent/editor requesting, will be emailed to the participant a few days after the agent window has closed.

Important Information
  • While agents and editors have to register to participate in #PitchDis this year, we strongly recommend you research anyone you submit your work to. And please remember - legitimate agents and publishers will NOT charge you to review or edit your work.

  • You're not obligated to send requested materials to anyone you don't feel comfortable sending them to.

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