Are you looking for a critique partner or beta reader before you start querying agents or publishers? Then join us for #PDMatch on May 4 between 12pm and 6pm EDT! Just post one tweet about your book using the hashtag #PDMatch and anyone who is interested in critiquing it can reply to you. Don't forget to search the hashtag to find stories you may be interested in critiquing as well!

Since this is a public event we are not able to vet the participants, so PLEASE do the following if you make a match.

-Only share information you are comfortable with sharing.

-Do not give out personal information beyond an email address.

-Discuss your critique style with your potential critique partner before exchanging pages. If you're blunt, let them know. If you sugar-coat things, let them know. Everyone is different and you need to make sure any advice you get is helpful to you.

-Please swap only the first chapter or first few pages of your manuscripts at first. Make sure you and your potential critique partner are compatible before exchanging more.

-Please be nice and respectful in your critiques. Be honest, but do so in a respectful way.

-You are not stuck with your potential match. Some matches work out, some don't. If it isn't working for you, please let the other person know. Don't ghost them.

You may tweet once per manuscript.